Hospitality Supplies
We are dedicated to consistently exceed our customer expectation to provide the finest facilities and services to extend support and respect each other.
Operating Supplies and Equipments (OS & E)
  • Linens & Toweling
  • Guestroom Amenities
  • Safes & Mini-bars
  • Office Supplies
  • Glassware, Chinaware, Flatware & Hollowware
  • Shelving, Storage and Trolleys
  • Engineering Tool
  • Gym, Spa Supplies
  • Banquet supplies
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipments
  • Rattan, Woven and Mixed Material Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Heritage and Replica Furniture
  • Timber and Veneer Furniture
  •    Fixtures:
  • Art and Accessories
  • Drapery and Soft-goods
  • Fabric, Trims, Tassels and Tie-backs
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Leathers
  • Rollaway Beds
  •    Equipments:
  • F & B Operating Equipment
  • Health Club Equipment
  • Housekeeping Equipment
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Electronics & AV Equipment
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Gym, Spa Equipments

  • Staff accommodations
    Al Jazzat Staff accommodation services are designed to help our customers by providing operative staff accommodation requirements subject to the customer’s brief and affordability.
  • Draft and Design
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Linen and toweling
  • Home appliances
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering tools

  • Staff Interior Designing services
    We offer comprehensive interior and exterior designing for living and working spaces that can be measured in higher productivity ,greater creativity and innovations Keeping in mind the your standard designs not just for visual impact, but also for health comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

    Service USP
    We manufacture 80% of furniture, fixtures and upholstery in our own factories customizing as per our customers need and desire which will be easier for the customer not to hunt around in the market for thier specific requirements.

    Value Engineering
    One of the Specialties of Al Jazzat is “Value engineering”. We approach to the productivity improvement such that we attempts to offer same level of functionality at lower Cost.

    Management and Sales Services
    We focused professionally on the management and sales services to satisfy perspective and existing customer. We Draft, Develop and maintain a quality service by copying with the scope, price and phasing.

    Customized Solutions
    AL JAZZAT specializes in customizing furniture, Fixture and upholstery with the help of our own factories and also, for products and services not with AL Jazzat we put in all our efforts in customizing them with our sister concern and other suppliers in the market.